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Bertin Instruments - Precellys®


Having an in-house homogenizer speeds your laboratory homogenizing time. Precellys® tissue homogenizers are robust, efficient, and flexible, processing soft to hard tissues, including micro-organisms, animal, or vegetal tissues. The Precellys® Evolution can process different sizes and up to 24 tubes at the same time in about 30 seconds.

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Spectrophotometers / Fluorometer


Easy to use, compact DeNovix® spectrophotometers and fluorometers deliver full spectrum UV-Vis analysis for DNA, RNA and protein quantification. Features touch screen app for fast, error-free operation.

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Precision Biosystems®
Capillary Gel Electrophoresis Analyzers


Precision Biosystems means affordable instruments for automated western blot processing and DNA/RNA capillary gel electrophoresis analyzers. Think low-maintenance, cost-effective laboratory instruments for automating difficult and time-consuming tasks to improve your efficiency of your lab.


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Laboratory Tips

Uniscience Corp - USA Laboratory Equipment Tips

Molecular biology labs require quality, sterile pipette tips racks, or bulk supplies for autoclave, free from DNase, RNase, and human DNA, including use for PCR inhibitors, pyrogens, and are endotoxin free.

Microtubes & Strips

Uniscience Corp - USA Laboratory Equipment Microtubes & strips

The quality of Microtubes and strips for molecular biology labs surpass the standards for precise manual and automatic pipetting, dispensing, and transferring the smallest quantities of liquids.

PCR Plates & Seals

Uniscience Corp - USA Laboratory Equipment PCR plates & seals

Uniscience offers excellent pricing on quality PCR plates and seals. PCR plates are clean-room produced, thin-wall design with models compatible with major thermal cyclers and clear wells for improved sample visibility. Low-cost seals are for temporary storage, with easy application and residue-free removal.